BEAM XPRESSi WebUI - Routing


This chapter is an overview of the Routing section in BEAM XPRESSi devices.

Static Routes

Static routes specify over which interface and gateway a certain host or network can be reached. In this page you can configure your own custom routes.

 Field Name
 Value  Description
 Routing table  Main | WAN | WAN2 | WAN3; Default: WAN  Defines which table will be used for the route in question
 Interface  LAN | WAN(wired) | WAN2(Mobile) | WAN3(WiFi) | VPN instances; Default: WAN(wired)  The zone where the target network resides
 Destination address*  ip; Default:  The address of the destination network
 Netmask*  ip; Default:  A Mask that is applied to the Target to determine to what actual IP addresses the routing rule applies
 Gateway  ip; Default: " "  Defines where the router should send all the traffic that applies to the rule
 Metric   integer; Default: 0  The Metric value is used as a sorting measure. If a packet about to be routed fits two rules, the one with the higher metric is applied

*Additional notes on Destination & Netmask:

You can define a rule that applies to a single IP like this: Destination - some IP; Netmask - Furthermore, you can define a rule that applies to a segment of IPs like this: Destination – some IP that STARTS some segment; Netmask – Netmask that defines how large the segment is. e.g.:

 Field Name
 Value  Description  Only applies to  Applies to IPs in the - - - -