02 - Getting Started

BeamTV automatically starts up when the Beam bw280 is powered up. By default it will automatically login to the guest profile ready for passenger access to content. The Guest profile allows passengers to access media content while all settings in the BeamTV Media Centre are locked. You also have access to the BeamTV Admin account which allows access to a number of settings. 

BeamTV is powered by the popular Kodi open-source media player, as used by many commercial media players. It is very well documented online should you need any further information not covered in this manual - http://kodi.wiki/ 

How to view the BeamTV Media Centre 
You can view the BeamTV media centre by connecting a screen to the HDMI port located on the side of the Beam bw280. 

Controlling BeamTV Media Centre 
BeamTV is controlled with the Bluetooth Remote Controller that ships with the Beam bw280. The Bluetooth Remote does not require line-of-sight with the Beam bw280 to work, however because of the nature of Bluetooth there is a limited range. It’s important you locate the Beam bw280 in a suitable location on the vehicle to ensure a reliable connection with the remote. 

How to login to the BeamTV Admin Profile 
When BeamTV boots up it automatically logs into the Guest profile. To login to the Admin profile you will need to logout of the Guest profile first. 

    1. From the main menu scroll right to Quit and click OK
    2. Select BeamTV Admin from the login screen. 
    3. When prompted, enter the password supplied with your unit. 

You will now see Admin User in the top left hand corner of the screen confirming you are logged in.