PART 01 - Encoding Your Video Files

BeamTV supports all the major digital video file formats. 
We do however recommend the following format to maximise performance and compatibility 
for viewing on mobile devices: 
Video: mp4 @ 720p

Video Encoding 
If you need encode your video files to match the recommended video format for BeamTV you can 
use free software such as Handbrake which is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
The steps below use Handbrake to explain how to encode your video files however you can use the software of your choice as the process will be very similar.

You can download the Handbrake software here - 

How to encode your video files using Handbrake

STEP 1 - Launch Handbrake
Launch Handbrake on your desktop or laptop. Click on the 'Open Source' icon to choose the video file you want to encode.

STEP 2 - Select Your Source Video File

In the window that appears navigate to the source video file you want to encode and click on the 'Open' button.

STEP 3 - Choose the Settings
Once you've selected your source video file you will see its details under 'Source' at the top of the window.
Underneath 'Source' you will see 'Destination'. If you want to save the encoded file in a different location to the source file click on the 'Browse' button to navigate to where you want to save the file.
A - In the 'Presets' panel on the right click on 'Fast 720p30' to select the encoding settings we recommend.
B- In the main window under 'Preset' click on the 'Web Optimized' tick box so that it is highlighted. Selecting this option will ensure the best streaming performance.
C - Click on the 'Start' icon in the top toolbar to start the encoding. You will then see the encoding progress bar at the bottom of the window.

Handbrake will alert you once the encoding is complete.