Preparing TV Show Files

The steps below take you through the process of preparing your TV show files so that they can be successfully added to the BeamTV media library when you upload them.
For this process we are using a free media management tool called MediaElch though you can use your own choice of media management tool as the process is very similar for these type of tools.

You can download MediaElch for free here -

How to prepare your TV show files for the BeamTV Media Library

STEP 1 - Launch MediaElch
Launch MediaElch on your desktop or laptop.
1. Click on the 'Shows' icon on the left-hand menu.
2. Then click on the 'Settings' icon in the top toolbar to open the settings window.

STEP 2 - Add your TV shows folder to the source list
In the 'Settings' window click on the 'Add' button and locate the folder that contains the TV show files you want to prepare.
This will add your movies folder to the source list that MediaElch will use to scan when preparing your TV show files.
Make sure the 'Type' is set to 'TV Shows'.
Then close the settings window.

STEP 3 - Select TV Shows from list to scan

Click on the 'Refresh' icon in the top tool bar to update the list of available TV shows from the source you set in the previous step.
Then select the TV show you want to scan by clicking on the TV show name in the list.

STEP 4 - Download the TV show assets
Once you have selected the TV show you want to download the assets for click on the 'Download' icon in the top toolbar.
This will open the Scraping settings window (see below).

STEP 5 - Confirm TV show
You shouldn't need to change any settings in this window so simply click the TV show name that appears in the left hand panel to continue downloading the assets.
If more than one item appears in the panel ensure you select the correct item to prevent the wrong assets being downloaded.

STEP 6 - Save the TV show assets
Once MediaElch has successfully scraped the internet for the TV show assets you will see a screen similar to above with the TV show details and fanart populated.
Click on the 'Save' icon in the top toolbar and MediaElch will save all the movie assets in the same folder as your original TV show files.

STEP 7 - Check files in your TV show folder
Go to your original TV show folder to check all the TV show asset files are in there.
Without these files BeamTV will not be able to successfully add the TV show to the media library.
If all the files are there your TV show folder is ready to be uploaded to BeamTV.