Preparing Video Files

You can add your own videos to BeamTV, such as promotional, tour, destination or educational videos.
There are a few extra steps required to add your own videos to BeamTV as assets for the videos cannot be created from the internet as movie and TV show files are.
The extra steps are required so that BeamTV can correctly identify your videos and successfully add them to the media library and ensure the videos can be accessed for streaming on mobile devices.

How to prepare your video files for the BeamTV Media Library

STEP 1 - Giving BeamTV media Library the information it needs about your video

You will need to tell BeamTV what your video is so it can be added to the media library.
This is done by creating a plain text document called a .nfo file.

Below is a simple example .nfo file that you can copy and paste in a simple text editor such as Notepad, TextEdit or TextWrangler (do not use Microsoft Word) so you can edit it.
There are comments next to each of the elements in the sample .nfo to guide you.
Once you’ve edited the .nfo file it needs to be saved as a plain text file with the same name as the video file. Filename example: mobileonboard.nfo

Example NFO file - copy and paste into a plain text editor

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<title>Enter your video title here</title><!-- The video title, will be displayed on a single line. -->
<genre>Documentary</genre><!-- This is the genre your video will appear under in the media library, most users keep this as Documentary -->
<outline>Enter your outline text here</outline><!-- Should be short, will be displayed on a single line. -->
<plot>Enter your synopsis text here</plot> <!-- Can contain more information on multiple lines, will be wrapped. -->
<thumb dim="2133x1200" preview="xxx-fanart.jpg">xxx-fanart.jpg</thumb><!-- Change both the 'xxx' to the name you gave your '-fanart.jpg' file e.g. lochnesstour-fanart.jpg -->

STEP 2- Creating the Fanart and Poster Files

To display properly in BeamTV’s library you will need to create two JPEG images for your video.
  1. Fanart – Dimensions 2133 x 1200px – Filename example: mobileonboard-fanart.jpg
  2. Poster – Dimensions 1400 x 2100px – Filename example: mobileonboard-poster.jpg
These images need to be in the same folder as your video file.

If you don't have any image editing software to can download a free and powerful image editor called GIMP here -

STEP 3 - Check files in your video folder
Go to your original video folder to check that all the video asset files are in there.
Without these files BeamTV will not be able to successfully add your video to the media library.
If all the files are there your video folder is ready to be uploaded to BeamTV.