05 - Updating the Media Library

The BeamTV Media Library is a database that keeps track of all the media files you upload or delete from the file directories. BeamTV will automatically update the Media Library the next time you reboot or login to BeamTV.

Deleted Files 
When the Media Library updates it should automatically remove any files you have deleted after a 
short period of time. However we recommend you clean the Media Library (see below) which will remove 
any references to the deleted files immediately. 

How to clean the Media Library 
  1. On KODI log out of the GUEST account.
  2. In the Profiles box that appears select the BeamTV Admin profile with the password - BeamTV-Admin-2016
  3. Click on SETTINGS in the main menu 
  4. On the KODI menu item (top item on left menu) move across to the middle menu items and scroll  down to and click Videos or Music
  5. You will now see the Library menu. Scroll down to and click Clean library... 
  6. A box will appear asking if you want to clean the library. Click Yes
  7. The box will then show you progress of the library cleaning. Once finished the library will be up-to-date and cleared of any references to deleted files.