06 - Frequently Asked Questions

Does BeamTV work on mobile devices? 
Yes. BeamTV allows passengers to stream media directly to 
their own mobile devices. 

Can BeamTV be used with a vehicle’s built-in entertainment system? 
The Beam bw280 has HDMI and A/V composite outputs. BeamTV can be
used through your entertainment system if it supports a HDMI or A/V composite connection. 

Will BeamTV use up all my 4G data? 
No, BeamTV is designed to work offline so requires no internet access when playing media. 
All the media files are stored locally on an SSD drive installed in the Beam bw280. 

How much media can I fit on the BeamTV’s storage? 
The Beam bw280 has a 240GB SSD drive fitted as standard that is dedicated to BeamTV. 
Typically you would be able fit up to approximately 200+ movies, 300+ TV episodes or 40,000+ 
music tracks. There are options available for larger capacity SSD drives. Contact our team for more information. 

Can passengers download content from BeamTV to their mobile devices? 
No, passengers can only stream content on their mobile devices while they are on the vehicle. 

Do passengers need to download an App to access BeamTV? 
No, BeamTV is designed to work through the web browser on passengers’ mobile deivces.