01 - BeamTV Overview

Welcome to BeamTV – The powerful on-bus media infotainment system that can stream media direct to your passengers’ mobile devices.

This onlne manual guides you through all the key features and how to upload and manage your content on BeamTV’s Media Library.

What is BeamTV? 
BeamTV is Media Centre that offers passenger entertainment. It comes as part of the Beam bw280 bus Wi-Fi system as standard. BeamTV allows you to upload tour guide videos, destination audio guides, music, TV shows and movies that are stored locally on your Beam bw280. As well as broadcasting content via the built-in HDMI connector to screens installed on your vehicle, passengers can then access the content directly from their mobile devices over Wi-Fi with no need for internet access. 

What can I use BeamTV for?
BeamTV is a passenger infotainment system that can play videos, audio, movies, TV shows and music. It is also perfect for safety instructions, advertisement/promotion, educational programs, corporate information and entertainment. BeamTV has a 240Gb SSD (solid state drive) fitted as standard (options for larger capacities are available) so there is plenty of space for all your content. 

Copyright Content 
While BeamTV allows you to upload media files you are responsible for any licensing required for making the content available to your passengers. Much the same way as when you play a DVD on a coach. You can find out more by visiting – https://www.gov. uk/showing-films-in-public