02 - Accessing Kiosk

You can access Kiosk at kiosk.mymobiletickets.com where you will be presented with the Login page via our Launchpad single sign-on service.  You can access Kiosk with your web browser on any desktop or tablet device.

Enter your Login details to be taken to the Kiosk Dashboard

The My Mobile Tickets team at Mobile Onboard will have supplied you with your login details at signup of your my Mobile Tickets account. If you have lost or forgotten your details you can raise a support ticket at help@mymobiletickets.com where our team will be available to quickly respond. 

User access has recently been updated to support role-based access and therefore the ability to manage your own users is not currently available within this current version of Kiosk.  This will be available in a subsequent release.  Therefore if you would like additional users to have access to your account, please download and complete the Excel form below specifying the users and roles you would like added.  This should then be sent back to your Mobile Onboard account manager.
Matthew Poole,
17 Jan 2019, 07:18