15 - Reports

Kiosk has full reporting capabilities allowing you to access and download your ticket sales history. 
With a number of reporting filters available you can fine-tune your reports to include the data you want.


By default the 'Anonymise Report' option is selected in the Report Options panel.
This obfuscates all customer information on reports and is for GDPR compliance.
The 'Anonymise Report' option can be disabled by clicking on the toggle switch (see image below) however whenever the page is reloaded or refreshed the option will automatically return to the default.

Running Reports

Use the Report Options panel to choose a preset period of time or your own date range.
You can also filter the results based on ticket status and payment method.


After selecting your report options you can choose to either run or download a number of different reports.
Next to each report type (e.g. Ticket Report, Wallet Balances etc..) there is a Run Report button and a Download Report button (see image above).
Clicking the Run Report button will display the results in the Report Results panel (see image below).
Clicking the Download Report button will download a CSV file of the results.


After selecting your report options and clicking Run Report button the report results will be listed in this panel.