03 - Homepage

Once you have successfully logged in you will be presented with the mTicketr HT9000 homepage.
From this page you can carry out all key functions including route setup, ticket validation, ticket issue and passenger counting.
This page will give you an overview of the homepage buttons, functions and icons.


  1. Logout Button - returns you to the Login screen.
  2. Reset Route and Stop Button - this will clear the current route/stop and return to default settings.
  3. Configuration Button - This will take you to the HT9000's configuration screen
  4. Show Extra Navigation Button - This will display any further available options.


  1. Tap the route text to bring up the list of available routes and select the route you want.
  2. When selecting a Route the first stop of the route will automatically be selected.
  3. If you want to change the stop use the -/+ buttons to decrease or increase the stop by 1 ordinal. The buttons will become disabled if you reach the first or last stop on the Route.


  1. The 'Ready to Validate' message means the mTicketr HT9000 is ready and able to scan ticket barcodes
  2. Press Button A or B on either side of the HT9000 while pointing it at the barcode to scan and validate the ticket.
  3. You will be then presented with the Scanned Ticket screen detailing the ticket's validity (see the Validating a Ticket... page).


  1. Tap the PREPAID PASS button when a customer boards with a valid pass.
  2. A confirmation screen will briefly appear before returning you to the homepage.


  1. When a customer requires a ticket tap the ISSUE TICKET button.
  2. This will take you to the Issue Ticket page which you can find out more about on the How to Issue a Ticket page


The passenger counter automatically increases each time a ticket is validated or issued and when a prepaid pass is logged.

  1. Reset the passenger counter button
  2. Current passenger count
  3. Tap the -/+ buttons to manually decrease or increase the passenger count by 1


The bottom status bar displays the current connectivity status icons of the mTicketr HT9000. When an icon is green it is successfully connected to that service. When an Icon is grey there is a connectivity issue.

  1. Connected to Wi-Fi status
  2. Connected to Internet status
  3. Sending Data Over Internet status
  4. Registered to Server status