04 - Issue a Ticket

  1. To issue a ticket on the mTicketr HT9000 tap on the ISSUE TICKET button on the homepage
This will present you with the ISSUE TICKET page (see below).


  1. Tap on the stop name to choose the stop the customer wishes to depart from. By default the stop will be the next stop.
  2. Every available ticket type will be displayed in this section of the page. You may have to scroll this section to view all tickets depending on how many there are available.
  3. Displays the current quantity of each ticket type required.
  4. Use the -/+ buttons to decrease or increase the quantity of the ticket type required by 1.
  5. Displays the total price of selected tickets.
  6. Once all the required tickets have been selected tap the ISSUE TICKETS button to start the issue ticket process and open up the Payment Options modal (see below).
  7. Tap the CANCEL button to cancel the ticket issue process and return to the homepage.


  1. Tap on the payment option you want to choose. Ensure payment has been taken prior to choosing an option as the mTicketr HT9000 will log each ticket issue as a successful transaction (with a confirmation screen) once an option has been tapped.
  2. Tap the CANCEL button to cancel the payment selection and return to the Issue Ticket page to make any changes.