09 - Mobile Ticket Validation

mTicketr comes with a high performance barcode scanner that can scan the QR codes that appear on 
mobile tickets and can validate them in under a second. mTicketr can quickly feedback to the driver 
whether it is a valid mobile ticket or not.


mTICKET QR CODE                                       
This is the QR code that’s 
scanned to validate the ticket.

The scanner recognises when a 
QR code is placed on the scanning 
area in less than a second.

mTicketr will automatically detect when 
a QR code on a mobile screen is placed on 
the scanner. This screen will display while 
the QR code is scanned. Typically this takes
a second or two.


Ticket is valid for travel.

Passenger needs to activate their ticket before it can be scanned.

Ticket has expired and is not valid for travel.


Ticket is not valid for your route.

Ticket is not valid for travel on your network.


Scan has timed out. Try scanning again.

There may be a technical problem. Try again or contact Mobile Onboard for assistance.