!INFO! BeamOS Release 23

BeamOS Release 23 Deployed
05 Feb 2018

This release will be applied to devices that current have Release 19 or later.

As well as general bug-fixes and performance improvements, the following updates have been made:
- Improved mobile network searching when the SIM is roaming outside of its Home Network.
- SIM card available networks will be forced to refresh when no network can be found after a period of time.
- Improved modem hardware monitoring to detect on-board firmware crashes.  Unit will attempt automatic recovery in the event of a detected crash.
- New LED status indication when a valid mobile network is being searched for.
- Detailed diagnostic logging to assist with mobile network connectivity issues, including SIM card checking.
- Faster boot-up time.
- Boot-up LED sequences changed to provide additional diagnostics information in the event of a start-up issue.
- BeamCare customers will benefit from the additional mobile network logging to our central servers to assist in suspected connectivity issues.
- Readiness for live signal quality and mobile data usage reporting on the Beam Insight platform.