HOW TO: Change the Mobile Network APN Settings (BW130, BW230, BW280)

posted 30 Jul 2017, 04:57 by Mobile Onboard System Admin   [ updated 30 Jul 2017, 05:03 ]
You may need to the change the default Mobile Network details (also known as the APN).  You can get these details from your mobile network operator (although we have included some of the common networks in this article here...).

To change the Mobile Network details, follow these steps:

1) Log into the Beam device's Admin Panel - instructions can be found in this article...

2) Click the Mobile Network Settings tab at the top of the page

3) Enter the APN, user name and password as supplied by your mobile network operator (a user name and password may not have to be specified so leave these fields blank)

4) Click the Save Mobile Settings button

Once the settings have been saved, restart the device and it should then connect to the Internet once booted and the mobile network has been found.

You can find settings for common mobile network in this article here...

A PDF guide is available to download in this section.