INFO: Mobile Network APN Settings

posted 28 Jul 2017, 14:12 by Mobile Onboard System Admin   [ updated 16 Aug 2017, 07:23 ]

Below we have listed some of the common mobile network access point name (APN) details used to configure Beam Units when a particular network's SIM is being used:
Please note: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the settings and they may change from time-to-time, therefore you should check with your network provider if you are unsure or are having problems.

3 UK (3G)
APN: 3internet
User: <blank>
Pass: <blank>

APN: everywhere
User: <blank>
Pass: <blank>

O2 4G
User: o2web
Pass: password

Vodafone 4G
APN: internet
User: web
Pass: web