PRB: Guest Wi-Fi Disconnects

posted 26 Sept 2017, 09:03 by Mobile Onboard System Admin   [ updated 26 Sept 2017, 09:08 ]
The Beam Wi-Fi devices (as with many Wi-Fi systems) will automatically disconnect users when there is a period of inactivity.  This is that the resources are not unnecessarily consumed by connections that are not actually doing anything.  This only affects the public/guest Wi-Fi network, and not the Accessory Wi-Fi channel, which has no such limitations.

Beam devices generally have three such settings which are used to control this behaviour.  These settings can be changed in the network router management console.

Keep Alive Timeout
This checks whether the client device is still physically connected to the network router.  If the client hasn't been connected for 10 minutes then their session is terminated.

Idle Timeout
This checks whether a connected client device has actually done anything on the network.  If the client hasn't sent or received any data for more than 20 minutes then their session is terminated.

Session Timeout
If a client device has been connected to the network for more than 2 hours then they will be disconnected from the network and will have to sign-in again in order to continue using it.